Learners Permit required to start Driving Lessons

All drivers who are learning, including adults are required to have a California permit, to take lessons with our school

Adults $120 per lesson

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Recommendation on how many lessons you might need

We do not offer discounts for more lessons. Select what you prefer to start with and add lessons as you need them.


1 Lesson (2hrs)

Learning to drive can be easy for many, difficult for some and stressful for others.

If you are unsure of what you need or not sure if driving is for you or not sure if our school is a good fit for you, it is best to start with 1 lesson, which is 2 hours.

We only offer lessons in 2 hour increments, we do not offer 1 hour lessons.

Test Preparation

3 Lessons (6hrs)

If you have driven at least 20- 50 hours on surface streets, in a car and you think you are ready to take the test but want to brush up and or practice with a professional before the test, we recommend 3 lessons (6 hours).

If you are still making critical errors, such as breaking hard, wide turns, unable to park and etc, we recommend more hours (30-40 hours, 15-20 lessons)

New Driver

15-25 Lessons (30-50 hours)

Dmv recommends 56 hours behind the wheel training before taking the drive test. It takes practice to learn how two drive and do it safely.

The average new driver starts to retain the information after 5-8 lessons (10-16 hours) and if they have someone to practice with them after the lessons, that may be all they need, depending on the student.

However if the student does not have anyone to practice with, anything under 15 lessons (30 hours) might feel like a waste of time and money.

Nervous Driver

28 lessons (56 hours)

Nervous drivers can be difficult to teach. Some possess fear that causes them to panic and make critical errors or dangerous maneuvers.

Some want to do more than what they can handle, in the least amount of lessons and could have a unrealistic expectation of how long it could take them to learn how to drive. They could be comparing themselves to the average student, that has minimal or no fear, who understands the rules of the road.

On the average they spend the first 5-8 lessons getting comfortable with the car (accelerating, breaking and turning), before getting to the basics.

We recommend at least 28 Lessons, which is also the DMV recommendation.

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