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Online Driver's Education

Our state licensed and approved online course includes the required content outlined by the Dmv.

Upon completion of the course, the Dmv completion certificate (DL 400 C) is mailed.

The certificate is required for minors to take the Dmv knowledge exam.

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In Person Driving Lessons

Our services includes behind the wheel training with Dmv licensed driving instructors. Driving lessons are available across California and appointments can be scheduled online at checkout.

We have packages customized for different students, including experienced minors, and new drivers.

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Drive Test Car Rental

We offer rental of our vehicles for the Dmv drive test, which depends on our availability, Dmv office, date and time of appointment,

Availability is limited and may depend on the students driving ability.

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General Process

After completing Online Drivers Education, the certificate will be mailed to the student. Dmv requires the original certificate. Once the student is 15 1/2 they can go to the Dmv to start the application process, which includes a knowledge exam, to receive a permit to practice.

The minor is required to complete 6 hours of behind the wheel training with a driving instructor and 50 additional hours with a qualified individual, such as licensed guardian over 25 (see permit). The minor is required to have a permit for 6 months, before taking the drive test.

Go to the Dmv website for more information.

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